About The Hall

Available to rent for your unique event!  
Formerly Honest John's Emporium, OM Center provides a vibrant and dynamic backdrop for your event. As you enter, you'll see our 7-foot long, 
museum-quality Tibetan Sand Painting Tea Bar. 

You'll be greeted with old world motifs and decor. Elements of India, Morocco, Tibet, Japan and Honest John's antiques, blend to create the atmosphere of another time and place.  

The Goodies

• 1,500 sq. ft. Event Hall
• Elegant and eclectic atmosphere
• Full Kitchen
• 50 x 20 ft Natural Skylight
• Built-in Professional Sound System
• Rustic Plank Cherrywood floors
• Stage Lighting and Projection Screen

Seating Capacity

• 80-100 Seated at banquet tables

• 150 Standing at Cocktail-style tables  

• 170 Seated theater-style seating 

Flexible room configurations 

See a 2-minute video about the OM Rental Hall.