Terry VanGelder


Terry, born and raised in Minnesota and Air Force Veteran of 11 years, moved to Omaha from Germany in 2010. When Terry was preparing to leave the military, he wanted to find a modality to help and heal others from the pains and discomforts that he had personal experience in. In January 2015 he started in his journey in Massage Therapy at UCHA, an experience that opened his eyes and heart to true healing. In early 2015, Terry attended a CEU for Hellerwork and fascial alignment that further directed his course into the bodywork world and started the Hellerwork training in fall of 2015. The following 16 months changed his life forever within the Hellerwork Training, learning to really see the body, mind and spirit (or higher self) in clients and himself.

Terry’s primary focus is in Hellerwork Structural Integration with an approach to the bodywork that is a hands on, personal healing experience for each client. His Personal desire for all his clients to become truly embodied by regaining balance in all aspects of life and a greater sense of self.